Nick Huggins is an award-winning photographer whose work focuses on architecture, interiors, location & landscape/documentary forms.

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I discovered that cameras could take pictures (who would have thought!!) at the age of 9; loved painting in a cubist style and my love of colour, shape and lines was born but would painting take too long, so moved back to photography and I was classically trained photographer and my world came alive! I loved studying photography and 25 years later, my passion is even stronger and even more motivating.

How I work
I like to get to know a client and their company and work quite deeply with a brief, especially at first. The working relationship would evolve and become natural in a short time. I like to have as much information about the project as possible and if I don’t visit a site before I shoot it, then I like to tour the subject before I take any pictures. 
I include up to 6 images per hour; anymore than this and a fee per image is then payable. This is because a great deal of time is spent not only taking the photographs but even longer digitally processing them. A one day shoot would normally mean 2 days processing the images. I won’t cut corners and I will only supply them to you when I am happy with them. I usually provide low-res versions for free and I can upload the photos to my web site and send you a link to download them.
I do not charge a usage fee for any of the images that you commission me to take for you.

My interests include photography (I regularly take pictures for my own pleasure), music and playing guitar, the theatre and the arts, spirituality and hoppy ales! 

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